The ManageWithoutThem model (MWT Model) is a market-based management model for organisations. It has been in development since 1999 and continues to evolve and become more complete (and more practical).



Far from an organisational laissez-faire, the MWT Model forces organisations to be explicit about their values and collaboration processes. In such an environment management itself changes from planning, monitoring, and controlling to simply ‘what collaborating individuals share’ (we call this constitution-based management).

The ManageWithoutThem model also provides a framework for operationalising a corporation’s brand to become its primary horizontal organising mechanism. An operationalised brand has a higher actionable authority than any particular manager, organisational structure, or process.

Though not dependant on technology, the MWT Model increases the value delivered by IT investments by focusing the implementation of information technology towards the creation of markets. This approach means information technology increases the transparency of your organisation (to the management team) rather than reducing it (like many IT implementations can).

Key aspects of the MWT Model

These are the new components of ‘management’ that a MWT organisation recognises. These components replace the traditional view of management which focuses on managerialism, planning, and intervention.


The new MWT management components include:

Under the MWT Model these components replace the cycle of plan, monitor, control as the conceptual corner stone of management.

But some people, particularly managers, would argue that management is more than just planning, monitoring, and controlling. They would rightly argue that being an effective manager involves many other skills and disciplines.

What is management?

So, what is management and why does it exist? And if being a manager requires a variety of other skills and disciplines anyway why not re-factor that skill-set so managers don’t have to be so über-skilled?

The MWT Model is made up of a number of components which define what management actually is once an organisation is operating under the MWT Model. These components allow an orgasnisation, project, or team to answer the question ‘are we managed?’. Rather than asking ‘do we have a manager?’ or ‘do we have a plan?’ you will be able to make real objective statements about how you are collaborating and measuring your performance.

Under the MWT Model the definition of management actually changes from that of ‘planning, monitoring, and controlling’ to the following components.

 Implementing the MWT Model

Implementing the MWT Model doesn’t depend on proprietary services.  With  the right partners, a efficient implementation capability can be created through readily available market offerings.

Implementing market-based management