This is the web site of Matthew De George.  It is also a repository of ideas relating to market-based management of the firm that I’ve called the ManageWithoutThem Model (MWT Model).

MWT Intro – Placeholder from ManageWithoutThem on Vimeo.


I’m here to talk about management. But I feel I’m using this word in an unusual way. When I say management I don’t mean:

  • a seperate class of people called “managers”
  • the separation of certain activities or rights – such as strategy, planning, leadership, or decision-making – and centralisation of these activities
  • just the soft skills such as focus on the people, or conflict management
  • aspects of any particular managers style – like those who make decisions with their gut, versus more analytical management approaches, or visionary leaders, or collaborative leaders, or even pointy-haired bosses for those who get the Dilbert reference.

When I talk about management I’m talking about more than that. I’m talking about everything that makes our organisations work.

I’m talking about a technology – where the word technology is used in its broadest sense. I’m talking about management as a tool we all use to make our organisations work.

When I talk about management I’m talking about something that I think is relevant to everybody.

Since 1998 I’ve used the phase “manage without them” to describe a model of this type of management.

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