My day job includes the role of Architecture & Transformation Capability Lead for RXP Services.  This role fits in nicely with the work I do here at ManageWithoutThem.  This page collects the most relevant content and links to publicly available RXP collateral, particularly where I have contributed to it.

I have a strong belief that “business capabilities” and capability-based planning is key to strategic alignment, so-called business/IT alignment, organisation cohesion, and how out organisations are governed in general.  See:

I also believe – like many others – that approaches to enterprise and business architecture that were born in IT disciplines are both powerful but also fundamentally flawed.  See:

The deep implications of the ManageWithoutThem model, including the future of robotics and heavily automated work, also mean I see general management and architecture in a healthy battle to control out organisations.

Stay tuned, more to come

By the way, I once wrote an Enterprise Architecture joke:

Q: How many enterprise architects does it take to define enterprise architecture?
A: That depends on what you mean by enterprise architecture.

If you’re laughing at that you likely understand what needs to change about typical EA initiatives.