The McKinsey Podcast has a great summary of “digital”. It’s basically a summary of good stuff that’s been around for a long time:

  • Optimise assets
  • Use data
  • Optimise decisions-making (both bold, and common)
  • Improve intimacy with customers
  • Agility as responsive but with a stable core
  • Radical cost reduction – including elimination of processes * Two speed IT architecture
  • Bringing in talent from other industries… Works to a point
  • beyond org charts and focusing on coherence

I’ve been reluctant to call what I do “digital” but if might be time to admit I’ve been “doing digital” for some time.

There are of course some universal truths here that have just been rebadged as “digital”.  The idea that you should allocate resources to things that you believe will be required in the future and reduce your allocation of resources to things you don’t believe will be required in the future is important but has very little to do with digital.

I also noticed that the two interviewees seemed to disagree slightly on some points and were holding back from a debate. Maybe that was just me.

Podcast episode here: