You’ll find yourself focused on one of the following types of transformational change:

  • Strategic Pivot
  • Continuous Change Culture
  • Innovation Injection
  • Prepare / Response
  1. Make a decision along each edge
  2. If you can’t make a decision perform the recommended step
  3. Choose the quadrant where your highest concerns converge
  4. Follow the arrow to determine order of sub-initiatives
For example:
1) If you’ve had a recent change of strategy, and your see the posture of strategic as something that enables agility you will find yourself in the “Innovation Injection” quadrant.  You first sub-initiative will be a Prepare / Response to a particularly pain point.  
2) If you find that you business-as-usual operations can’t absorb the sort of change your customer demand you’ll find yourself in the Prepare / Response quadrant and your first initiate will be to create a culture of continuous change.

SMS Transform  Diagrams