Month: December 2014

Strategy Breaks Here

strategy breaks here



The original pyramid diagram is from here.

The above view is a not uncommon view of how corporate strategy is supposed to be translated to execution.

The problem is that arbitrary conversion to “functional strategies”.  Increasingly, the functional organisation is dead.

So why translate corporate strategy to functional strategies?

Instead, translate corporate strategy to business capability strategies as per the MWT/Transforms approach.

Labour curation

Market-based management for labour markets and labour curation

Business Architecture as Foundation for Transformation

Good overview of how the business architecture discipline bridges the strategy / executive gap (i.e. transformation)

Sketching Information-enabled Business Transformation Patterns

Here are some rough information-enabled business transformation patterns.  

These go with the information-enabled business transformation “knowledge books” here and the “market stereotypes” here.  

Explanations available on request….

Info enabled Business Transformation 2

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