Once you start looking for market stereotypes you can see them everywhere:
Market Stereotype Description  Examples
Competitive game Gaming performance where team’s are made of individuals with similar goals Sales team leaderboards 
Cooperative game Gaming performance where only team performance matters but individual team members contribute in different ways  Collaborative
Discovery & scoring Add discovery of information by scoring of information and collective curation elancer 
Redundant production Make more than you need to find quality RFIs, competitive development
Unwanted feedback Ensuring feedback isn’t filtered Business Intelligence 
Interface versus interpretability Designing for unintended uses Open data
App store analogy
Using the model of an “app store” in a different context 
Defence app store initiative
Separate management from measurement Separate the management process from the measurement process Business intelligence + separate performance management function
KPI exchange Making a high-level metric tradable rather than using derived metrics Allowing employees to trade their “utilisation” performance metric
Lean business case  Making a market for project portfolio ideas; ensuring ideas are tested quickly while capturing intelligence  Idea factories
Agile development Dealing with uncertainty through iteration, continuous feedback, and no-fixed-plan Everywhere in IT