Month: March 2012

Thinking about “capabilities”

I think we need to think about capabilities more. Not just use the word but really think it through.

Eg. From here



Wastes of intellectual energy and / or time #23345

  • trying to come up with “business justification” for technology decisions
  • arguing about whether something is a “real data warehouse”
  • discussing the difference between an “issue” and a “risk” rather than working through the issue and risk register
  • saying “I’m not a technical person” when you really want to say “I’m too important for this discussion”
  • saying “you’re not seeing the big picture” when there clearly isn’t one




12 years later

Twelve years is a long time.  But I found this on my laptop last night – although it’s 12 years old it’s still a pretty good representation of how I think about what I do.


Governance is politics in the same room

Sometimes it’s not really much more complicated than this:

Governance is politics in the same room

If you find yourself whispering in the corner “it’s so political around here” you should all get in the same room.


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