I like the idea that Seth Priebatsch is ‘determined to build a game layer on top of the world’ in the same way I like Jane McGonigal’s work to save the world with games.

Seth says in his TEDxBoston talk linked above that while the last 10 years have been about ‘building the social layer… has been building this framework for connections’ the next 10 years will be about perfecting the management of the rules that get the desired outcomes from the connections – the games.

I think this is very close the market-making and collaboration architectures of the MWT Model – so I’m excited and pleased.

I also like the reference in Seth’s talk to Loyalty schemes. Basically he is saying that the rules of Loyalty schemes and airline mile programs can be redesigned into a game rather than as they are now (“that actual do use game dynamics… they are using the game layer… they just suck”).