As I sometimes do, I’m adding a new subject to this blog. It’s in a group of topics that I would vaguely classify as ‘business topics that are a good idea until they get co-opted by IT vendors’.

Note that it’s IT vendors that break these concepts not IT. In many cases the concepts themselves have been formalised by the IT industry and should be seen as positve contribution that the IT industry has made to an understanding of organisational value – but then they ‘jump the shark’ and turn into bullshit.

I’m talking about Business Inteligence, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resourse Planning, Master Data Management, etc.

For the first installment, of check out this link:

Agility is Sensible is a great resourse and the above post is no exception. The question is why are organisations stuck doing BI when they should naturally be planning for more opperational intelligence and realtime analysis?

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