I’ve written a few short descriptions of the MWT Model over the years.  I just submitted the following to ValueBasedManagement.net:

ManageWithoutThem is firstly a theory of how organisations actually behave, rather than how managers should behave.  Secondly, it’s a redefinition of the management process so that it benefits the organisation as well as managers themselves.  It re-intermediates management processes and refactors those processes without the implicit role of a separate management class.

Managers still exist in the organisation, of course.  But the the principles of market analysis are applied to the inside of the organisation to allow greater transparency of operational activities without filtering all measurements through management hierarchies.  Rather than flat organisations, the model allows for the accountability of hierarchy without the politics of hierarchy.

The ManageWithoutThem model redefines management as a technology that collaborating individuals share – allowing for the possibility of improving that technology in terms of efficiency, usability, and integration with other technologies.

Check out ValueBasedManagement.net – it’s filled with managemeent techniques, theories, and models.  This isn’t a critisism of the site at all – but it makes you realise how fragmented and specialised management has become as a profession.

Just like there is always an excuse for more government spending, with such a wide range of management techniques available there is always an excuse to do some more ‘management’.

The term technical is often misused, and used only to apply to engineers, but the management profession itself has become technical in the true sense.  Nobody would argue against the fact that much of that management knowledge, even when it’s correct and useful, is technical in nature.

This means that modern organisations are basically technocratic.