I have updated the MWT/TEBT Enterprise Architecture Worksheet (pdf).  The major change is that I have included a better template diagram.  I have also included some references to the Enterprise Architecture As Strategy book which make it clear that a different diagram template is probably required for enterprises with different operating models.  The worksheet is now suitable for a unification operating model as defined in the EA as Strategy book.

The reason for the update is that I have been trying to visualize the enterprise architecture of a client organisation I am working with and this process has helped my thinking.  I’m a big supporter of the approach to Enterprise Architecture prescribed in Enterprise Architecture as Strategy.  However, the client I am working with at the moment that has a number of important characteristics which don’t come out very well in the example and template EA ‘core diagram’ formats show in the book.

The book itself isn’t about a modeling notation so it doesn’t actually prescribe a specific diagram style. It’s focus in more iterative development of the enterprise architecture and the sequence of components to focus on during development of the architecture.

The organisation I am working with, while certainly operating under a Unification model at the highest level, has a number of unique pillars in their competitive strategy which don’t come out when taking the book’s approach. So I have altered the generative sequence for EA development in this organisation.

Firstly, the unique strategic pillars for this organisation are:

  1. High need for operational capital
    1. Resulting in a need to support the organisation’s share price
    2. Resulting in a business segmentation strategy to increase visibility of value to the market
  2. Need to manage markets and customer types across two distinct operations in order to remain competitive
  3. Need for detailed product accounting to ensure accurate profitability of each ‘product’ can be determined
  4. Need to be able to quickly change ‘product’ mix across two operations
  5. A natural fit to a service oriented business architecture

MWT/TEBT Enterprise Architecture Template (Unification)

Because of this I have developed a template EA core diagram structure which takes these into account. I believe it works very well for this organisation and others like it. I have included the diagram to the right with a full sized version (as well an overview of it’s main zones and analysis patterns) available in the pdf file.